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Driverless bus crash shocks media

You’ve got to laugh at this one – a driverless bus, just two hours into its first foray onto the main road, was involved in an accident.  Hold the front page, avert the children’s eyes!

TV newsreaders looked shocked as they read out the details. But, actually, what happened, was the dutiful bus was going about its lawful business in Las Vegas when it was hit by a huge truck. Thankfully, it was a low-speed prang and no-one was injured.

In fact, the bus sensed it was in danger and tried to move away, but the truck ‘allegedly’ rolled into the auto omnibus.

So well done the auto bus.

A spokesman for the City said that the lorry had hit the bus, but that any damage was not immediately apparent and the plucky blue vehicle continued to work its route.

This was all slightly awkward, because the bus had just been unveiled at a ceremony which bigged-up the fact that this was the self-driving project aimed at the public at large. And it appears a popular initiative, because people were queuing up to experience the novel public transport solution.

The bus is designed to carry 12 and, ironically, comes with an attendant who can access an on-board computer monitor, but cannot rush to a steering wheel, or brakes, should the worst happen.

What would have been interesting to know of course, is how many driver-operated buses were involved in accidents across the US on the same day and how many of those were at fault.

Stand-by for lots of stories like these as automated vehicles ‘hit’ the roads!