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ReThink Robotics at automatica 2018

ReThink Robotics

RoboPro Magazine, together with the organisers of automatica 2018 which takes place in Munich between 19 and 22 of June, casts an eye over some of the companies which will be attending this prestigious industry event. Here we look at ReThink Robotics.

Transforming manufacturing

Boston-based Rethink Robotics is transforming the way manufacturing is done, with smart, collaborative robots that are able to automate tasks that have been beyond the reach of traditional automation.

The industry’s first fully integrated collaborative robot, Sawyer, is powered by the Intera software platform, that makes it the easiest to use and fastest to deply cobot on the market today. Intera 5.2, with Intera Insights, provides production data at a glance, displaying real-time manufacturing data and KPIs on a customizable dashboard. Intera also powers the ClickSmart™ family of gripper kits, allowing manufacturers to deploy automation faster, more intelligently, in more tasks and applications

The result is that manufacturers of all sizes get the industrial automation solution they need to increase productivity, lower costs and accelerate innovation.

The company will use automatica to showcase its Sawyer robots. It said: “Rethink Robotics will have Sawyer robots at the show to demonstrate various applications where automation improves the manufacturing process. Sawyer provides manufacturers with the high-performance automation they need while maintaining reliability, safety and affordability.

“Intera’s advanced graphical interface allows individuals without a robotics degree to train and program the robot by simply demonstrating the task at hand. With a small footprint and built-in force sensing capabilities, Sawyer operates safely next to its human counterparts without any gating or fencing required.”

As for how the digital transformation in manufacturing is affecting their business., the company replied: “As the digital transformation makes its way through manufacturing, our robots become smarter and more efficient. The newest version of our best-in-class Intera software platform, Intera 5.2, drives manufacturing productivity with increased functionality and capabilities that provide data from the manufacturing floor, including metrics like cycle time, part count, speed and force.”

When it comes to why the company thinks the event attracts visitors from all sectors of production – from automobile to food and drink – the reply was: “Robotics and automation are no longer restricted to certain areas of manufacturing – with the evolution of this technology, more industries are realizing the benefits of automation for smoother business operations. The technology showcased at this event attracts visitors from all sectors because it has the potential to revolutionize their production operations regardless of industry.”

And the event, according to Rethink, is unique, because “… automatica is one of the largest automation and roboticsfocused events in the world, bringing together the smartest technology on the market and the industry leaders that are blazing the trail for smart factories and Industrie 4.0. automatica is also unique because attendees get to experience the technology in person – for example, in our stand, attendees can train our smart collaborative robot Sawyer right on the exhibition floor.”

As to what the company hopes to achieve by exhibiting at the event: “Prior to cobots, manufacturing robots were kept behind cages, programmed by highly paid specialists, and were purchased for a single purpose. Cobots change all that – they’re safe to be around, require a much smaller footprint, are easy to program and are inexpensive enough to provide a rapid return on investment – in as little as three months. At automatica, we hope to connect with attendees from various industries to demonstrate how Rethink’s cobots are different than other cobots on the market and showcase how automation can improve their manufacturing and production operations.”

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