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Acutronic prices MARA cobot

  • By Neil Martin
  • News
Acutronic Robotics

Acutronic Robotics has priced its first modular cobot powered by ROS 2.0 as it opens the pre-orders book.

The MARA starting price has been set at 15.000 euros.

It works through the H-ROS SoM, a hardware device that makes any robot part  compatible and interoperable with others, regardless of their vendor.

Acutronic told RoboPro Magazine that the MARA can be seamlessly extended just by adding new parts, thanks to the newly developed H-ROS SoM  

The company added that with real-time synchronization, deterministic communication latencies and automatic over the air updates, the MARA robot offers industrial-grade features and empowers new possibilities in the professional landscape of robotics.

The plug-and-play cobot can be physically extended in a seamless manner just by  adding robot parts. It therefore enables high customization and adapts to any specific application.

MARA has specifically been created to solve new and challenging automation demands  that require dexterity and flexibility.

The modular cobot is the result of years of research about robot modularity originally funded  by DARPA, and later supported by the Swiss Acutronic, and the Japanese company, Sony.

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