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Bimba launches pneumatic gripper system

  • By Neil Martin
  • News

Bimba has expanded its angular and parallel gripper portfolio by launching the new Bimba Pneumatic Gripper System (BPGS).

The BPGS offers a cam activated, high gripping force solution for handling large and heavy objects in the most demanding environments.

Key features of the BPGS include:

  • gripping forces up to 450 lbs. at 80 PSI;
  • rapid actuation time with a 0.05 second close, 0.09 second open at 425 cycles per minute;
  • interchangeable pads for maximum material application flexibility;
  • a compact size to fit into tight work envelopes in a variety of applications.

The BPGS is comprised of a long-lasting, hardened steel chassis. This enables it to withstand hard impacts for maximum component longevity. The gripper will lock in a closed position for safety and is easily repairable by using a single wrench reducing, said Bimba, operational downtime and cost.

Users can configure the BPGS to meet specific application needs due to the vast array of jaws and pads available, including angular, regular, chisel, flange, and shovel. The BPGS is ideal for a wide variety of industries including automotive; sheet metal fabrication; thermoforming; and more.

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