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Robot sector CEO gets accolade

  • By Neil Martin
  • News
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CEO of Alias Robotics, David Mayoral​, is one of the most influential entrepreneurs according to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

The 30 recipients of the award are said to have changed the world through innovative entrepreneurship

Mayoral, at 27, has already founded two successful robotics companies, and his other recognitions include winning the B2B category of South Summit in 2018, Young Entrepreneur of Spain 2015, Alaves of the Month, and Leader of one of Top 30 Promising Robotics Startups.

In 2014, at only 19 years of age, David made himself an entrepreneur. Alongside his brother, the pair created Erle Robotics. The company produced artificial brains for robots and after only two years of scaling the company, it sold to a Swiss Multinational called Acutronic Robotics.

Now in 2019, Mayoral is the CEO and founder of his second robotics startup, Alias Robotics, which is creating the first robot immune system (RIS) as cybersecurity for robots.

He told RoboPro Magazine that he saw a gap in the market after noticing that most companies focus on cybersecurity in the IT world, not Robotics. RIS is a bioinspired hardware solution that mimics the defensive principle of the human immune system; it functions to protect a robot ́s condition while preventing attackers from penetrating its system and exploiting it.

Mayoral sees only opportunities and has big plans for the strategic growth of Alias. He is currently in the process of closing a Seed round in the next month, expanding the team, and increasing clients.

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