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CES 2019 kicks off

Las Vegas is playing host to the tech world world again as CES 2019 gets underway.

Companies of all shapes and sizes are on display, including many from the robotics sector.

Robot’s on show, which obviously reflect the consumer nature of the show, include:

Pepper (a Softbank droid which is being promoted as having the ability to touch hearts);

Lovot (another bot which is trying to capture the heart strings, although it can also act as a home surveillance device, or keep an eye on the kids. It’s the brainchild of Kaname Hayashi);

Coral (a robot vacuum which features a detachable handheld unit);

Occo (a robot that works a room full of guests at an event and gets them to pose for snaps);

Kiki (billed as a robot which can be kept as a pet and apparently its personality reflects that of its owners);

Liku (as the name suggests, another robot which reflects its owners’ personality).

CES 2019 will also feature a number of automated car systems, news of which will be released throughout the week by the various companies.



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