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Cimcorp enters Russian distribution market 

  • By Neil Martin
  • News

Logistics automation specialist Cimcorp has partnered with Russian technology integrator FL Group to offer its robotic solutions to customers in Russia.

Cimcorp told RoboPro Magazine that it was entering the Russian distribution market in response to growing demand for increased speed in fresh produce logistics.

It is represented by FL Group, an industrial automation integrator based in St Petersburg.

Kai Tuomisaari (left), Cimcorp’s Vice President of Sales, said: “Grocery retail distribution in Russia is ripe for automation. Our robotic handling solutions enable retailers to maximise product freshness, which is key to optimising sales and enhancing the customer experience.”

Tatiana Borisova (below), CEO of FL Group, added: “Russian retailers need to respond dynamically to market demands to ensure operational cost efficiency and low pricing, while at the same time providing their customers with high-quality products and services. The quality issue is always critical for fruit and vegetables, which is why I believe that Cimcorp’s automation for fresh produce distribution has huge potential in Russia.”

Using robots that operate from overhead gantries, Cimcorp’s modular solutions provide instant access to every SKU, ultra-fast handling and total picking accuracy. “This means shorter lead-times and improved freshness for perishable products,” explained Tuomisaari. “Maximised shelf life can secure vital competitive advantage for our clients in the fresh produce, bakery and dairy sectors.”

Cimcorp’s automation combines buffer storage and order picking in one efficient, flexible and scalable operation. Products are handled gently in plastic crates, which are designed with excellent ventilation and are stacked directly on the floor. By avoiding the need for racking, the system ensures maximum space utilisation and also allows the entire working area to be cleared, full automatically, for hygienic cleaning. A standard robotic module – 30m long, 12m wide and 6m tall – is easy to install in existing warehouses, even in city locations. Computer control of all material flows ensures full tracking and traceability.



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