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Disaster robot video

Honda has lifted the lid on a new robot which has been designed for disaster relief work.

And a video has been published showing it at work, courtesy of IEEE Spectrum.

Given the snappy title of E2-DR, it was shown off for the first time at IROS 2017 (International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems) in Vancouver.

The prototype robot is meant to be flexible, strong and waterproof.

At just over five feet tall and weighing in at 85kg, it’s barely ten inches thick, meaning it can get places humans can’t. With gripping hands and a torso that can rotate 180 degrees, the robot is pretty nifty and can climb stairs, albeit slowly.

Its head is packed with goodies, including a number of cameras, an infrared light projector and two laser rangefinders. There are also cameras in the robot’s hands.

It can keep going for 90-minutes on its 1,000Wh battery.

Honda are stressing that this is basically a test bed and a lot of work of work is required to make it a viable tool for disaster relief work.