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Güdel’s new telescopic axis delivers high payloads in low ceiling environments

  • By Neil Martin

A short feature from Güdel on their new product

The overall height of a gantry robot depends not only on the support structure but also on the length of the vertical axis when in the raised position. Low ceilings in some manufacturing environments, combined with a long vertical axis will always present significant challenges to gantry designers. Güdel, however, now offers an elegant and practical solution that meets all requirements in terms of load capacity, service life, safety and ease of maintenance with their new optimised telescopic vertical axis.

 Up until now telescopic axis design has had inherent limitations, including a reduced payload that can often be as much as 50% of that of a standard axis. In addition, older telescopic axis designs leave little room for enhancements to safety, functionality monitoring or any other configuration options, such as an integral rotate axis.


(Güdel’s new telescopic axis design – right – requires significantly less headroom, but delivers the same payload capacity of a standard axis)

To overcome the drawbacks and restrictions of traditional telescopic axes, Güdel has now launched a fundamentally revised telescopic axis design featuring hugely improved performance in terms of weight capacity, dynamics and safety.

This new design is very much equivalent to a standard fixed axis, as both versions have exactly the same payload. In effect, the new Güdel axis has a 50% increase in payload when compared to their previous telescopic axis, thanks to its double profile tube construction. Other advantages include a second toothed belt, which provides additional security for the inner carrier profile and optical monitoring of both belts

The new space-saving design also makes it possible to integrate a safety brake into the telescopic axis. The new variant is also very maintenance friendly, so changing rollers, belts or even the guide carriages is quick and easy.

 This latest development from Güdel is a continuation of the company’s philosophy of ongoing product development and enhancement.

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