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Is anyone responsible for AI?

  • By Neil Martin
  • News

Is enough being done to hold anyone responsible for artificial intelligence asks ESCP Europe.

According to Professor Terence Tse: “If we are launching self-driving cars and autonomous drones we are involving AI in life-or- death scenarios and the day -to- day risks people face. Healthcare is the same, we are giving AI the power of decision making along with the power of analysis, it will inevitably be involved in death, but who is responsible? New technology means new risks and governments, firms, coders and philosophers have their work cut out for them”.

According to the institute’s research, governments have no records of which companies and institutions use AI. They need to be aware of the decisions being made by it and able to appeal them.

What’s more, consumers also need to know which decisions concerning their lives were made by AI, but also, they need the opportunity to entirely opt out of AI- driven decision making if they want to.

The researchers warn that, although we can train AI to make better decisions, as AI begins to shape our society we all need to become ethically literate and aware of the decisions that machines are making for us.

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