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James Mae group to launch flexible shelf ready packaging system at PPMA Total 2019

shelf ready

James Mae Group will use the PPMA Total Show (October 1-3) as the venue to launch their Robot based Shelf Ready Packaging System, which has been developed to address the growing requirements for high levels of flexibility in the collation, packaging and handling of Shelf Ready Packaged Products.

Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) allows retail products to be placed directly onto the shelf, without the need for unpacking the contents. The requirements for SRP continues to grow as greater numbers of manufacturers strive to meet the demands of the major retailers who seek to reduce the time taken to replenish stock on the shelf, and increase shelf space efficiency.

As Shelf Ready Packaging is adopted for a growing number of retail products, the range of carton sizes and the packing configuration within those cartons has started to pose significant challenges for traditional automated packaging methods and technologies.

This new system designed and manufactured by Shipley based James Mae Group, resolves these issues through the use of highly flexible robots, both Delta and 6 Axis types, machine vision and servo operated conveyor systems.

Omron viper Omron quattro delta

This combination of technologies makes it possible to accommodate, and automatically changeover between, a wide range of SRP carton shapes, sizes and packing configurations within a single production system.

The new system being launched at PPMA Total will be demonstrating its capabilities using tray product.

James Mae managing director Bob Hinchcliffe explains: “What makes this system so attractive to manufacturers is its ability to be able to accept both product trays and cartons of varying shapes and sizes, and then collate the product in the specific numbers and configuration required for that specific pack.


“The ability to also manipulate and orientate the carton further adds to overall flexibility and capability. The system can also be configured with dual Delta robots if required to enhance throughput, and as the system is fully programmable, it offers the highest levels of flexibility, with changeover between different tray and carton types easily selected through the operator control panel.”

The James Mae system at PPMA incorporates an Omron Quattro 650 Delta robot, an Omron Viper 850 6 Axis robot, and Omron technology is also used for the machine vision, machine control, integrated safety systems, servo’s for the indexing systems and the operator HMI.

Hinchcliffe added: “Our decision to partner with Omron for this project was strategic. We wanted to ensure that the technologies used were not only field proven standard products, but readily available globally as the demand for this system is likely to be across international markets.”

James Mae Group can be located on stand number B70 at PPMA, which is being held at the NEC Birmingham, where the system will be running regular live demonstrations.

The company will also be exhibiting additional and complementary automation technologies from Scorpion Vision, Sealpac, Kawasaki, Soft Robotics and ABB.

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