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New Danish robot to tackle UK’s STEM skills gap

  • By Neil Martin
  • News


Shape Robotics (Copenhagen, Denmark) premiered its latest educational teaching robot Fable Spin at BETT, the world’s biggest education technology event.

The new Danish robot has been designed to make it easy to teach STEM skills and for students to become creators of technology. It aims to inspire students to engage with science, technology, engineering and mathematics to alleviate the shortage of qualified candidates that is estimated to cost UK businesses £1.5bn per year.

David Johan Christensen, CEO of Shape Robotics, said: “We have chosen London for the world premiere of Fable Spin, which makes robot technology widely accessible and inspires imagination while teaching multidisciplinary skills in the classroom. Fable Spin is the latest offshoot from the Fable System, which gives everyone the fantastic feeling of being able to programme a robot. The Fable System ensures successful programming, innovation and creativity in teaching and is robust enough for rough treatment in the classroom.”

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