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New Insertion node and Find Surface FT 300 software update from Robotiq

  • By Neil Martin
  • News

Robotiq has released a new Insertion node and Find Surface FT 300 software update.

The company said the new features allow the user to set up their precise-assembly applications in minutes.

It added that when done manually, precise-assembly applications can:

  • bog down production cycle times;
  • generate product quality issues and recalls;
  • force you to outsource to meet lead times;
  • reduce productivity due to a lack of qualified staff.

What’s more, when Robotiq’s FT 300 Force Torque Sensor is used with a collaborative robot, it can accelerate  production and improve product quality, and involves no costly training, or on-boarding required!

The FT 300’s software update features, said the company, a more intuitive interface, easy to learn and use even for workers without robotics expertise.

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