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New Scale Robotics releases new metrology solution

  • By Neil Martin
  • News

New Scale Robotics, which designs and manufactures precision smart grippers and end-of-arm tooling for the smallest collaborative robots, has released a new metrology solution.

The solution includes includes a precision gripper, metrology fingertips kit, tech note, and software examples. These allow users to automate small part measurement and sorting using cobots from Universal Robots.  

“Measurement inspection and sorting of small parts are tedious tasks, traditionally performed by human operators,” said David Henderson, CEO of New Scale Robotics. “Our precision gripper and metrology fingertips are the first tools that enable users to automate those repetitive tasks using cobots. This is remarkable new application for cobots, with potential to save time and money in a wide range of industrial, manufacturing and other settings.”

New Scale Robotics’ newest parallel gripper for Universal Robots has a 2.5 μm resolution internal position sensor for precision measurements. The new NSR-KIT-F1 metrology fingertips kit includes three pairs of fingertips that easily install on the gripper’s factory fingers to enable precision measurement of a wide variety of part shapes.

The URCaps plugin software included with the gripper enables fast setup and simple programming of the gripper and robot. Measurement data from the gripper can be transferred to a PC for analysis using any statistical analysis software. The data is also displayed on the UR teach pendant, and is continuously available for use in decision-making automation scripts.

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