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Red Ledge supply chain automation systems on show at IMHX 2019

  • By Spencer Freitas
  • News
Red Ledge

Software application and engineering specialist Red Ledge is joining forces at next month’s IMHX 2019 with Böwe Systec to launch the latest range of Red Ledge manufacturing and logistics (M&L) automation systems.

In combination with Böwe Systec’s advanced sortation technology, they are designed to support and integrate the entire supply chain, controlling M&L processes and tracking inventory from production line to warehousing and distribution.

The Red Ledge CORE development technology “enables faster systems implementation and delivers more affordable automation” say Red Ledge.

Red Ledge systems on show at IMHX 2019 (24-27 September) include RFID goods tracking, robotics, autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), automatic pallet movers, speed labelling and Böwe Systec’s advanced sortation system.

The latest Red Ledge warehouse management and control system drives light and voice warehouse applications will be on show, while its automated goods routing and ASRS (automatic storage and retrieval) provide a fully lights-out warehouse environment.

Red Ledge majority shareholder Böwe Systec GmbH is part of the Possehl Group, which in its 2017 financial year generated a turnover of around 3.8 billion euros and employed some 12,500 people.

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