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Robot chef startup Karakuri to attend London Food Tech Week

  • By Neil Martin
  • News

Robot chef startup Karakuri will be at London Food Tech Week (20-24 May, 2019).

Barney Wragg the co-founder and CEO of the London-based robot chef start-up Karakuri, has just secured £7m worth of investment from Ocado in a bid to boost its ready-made food offerings.

Karakuri’s first product is the Marley robot system, which can make customised ice-cream orders and cocktails.

Attendees of the show will also hear how Alessandro Incisa, CTO at Makr Shakr, created the robot bartender which is challenging the worldwide bar scene.

Nadia El Hadery, Founder and CEO at YFood, which organises London Food Tech Week, said: “Food Tech Week is a fascinating industry festival which celebrates and connects the incredible people and innovations that are helping us make huge strides in Food Tech, revolutionising the way we produce, buy and consume food. It’s a must-attend for startups, investors, brands, marketers and food companies alike.”

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