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Robotiq introduces new products

  • By Neil Martin
  • News

Gripper company Robotiq has introduced its newest products for manufacturers looking to automate packaging, palletising, and sanding applications.

Included in the new lineup is an expanded range of high-quality grippers. The company said that its AirPick and EPick give manufacturers full control over their automation process, while being easy to programme, fast to install and fully customisable.

Robotiq also explained that its new Sanding Kit turns a multi-hour, multi-day programming job into a five-minute task. It said the only hardware and software solution for Universal Robots that enables manufacturers to save hours of programming time, increase quality and productivity and ensure consistent force is applied at each cycle.

Jean-Philippe Jobin, CTO and co-founder of Robotiq, said: “AirPick, EPick and the Robotiq Sanding Kit were all engineered with helping manufacturers start production faster in mind. We wanted to support manufacturers in automating their cobot applications by offering solutions that are easy to use, safe, and flexible.”


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