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Robotiq launches Force Copilot at RUC 2018

  • By Neil Martin
  • News
force copilot

Quebec-based Robotiq launched easy force control at its user conference (RUC 2018) today.

RUC 2018 sees engineers, integrators and end-users get together to talk about the latest development in the company´s gripper technology.

Force Copilot is an intuitive software developed to operate Universal Robots e-Series’ embedded force torque sensor. It accelerates the programming of a whole host of applications, including part insertion and surface finding.

Force Copilot’s sensing functions increase flexibility and reliability in machine-tending, assembly, finishing, and pick-and-place applications. A suite of setup tools allows the user to hand-guide the robot on complex trajectories.

The company demonstrated how the software makes it easy to place objects precisely in jigs, trays, and chucks, and it facilitates assembly applications through its alignment, indexing, and insertion functions. The intuitive interface also unlocks finishing applications, with adjustable adaptive compliance and constant force for all robot axes.

Robotiq CEO Samuel Bouchard said: “We want to free every production line operator in the world from repetitive manual tasks. With Force Copilot, we are making complex robot-movement programming accessible to anyone. Force Copilot works as the human operator’s guide, helping program the robot quickly and easily. We’re proud to see the next step of the human-robot collaboration take shape.”

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