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Simmatic appointed as sole UK agent for cobots from Siasun


Automation and product handling expert Simmatic has been appointed as sole UK agent for cobots from Siasun, China’s largest manufacturer of robots.

Siasun will also be also offering customisation options, including the development and manufacture of special-purpose end effectors for applications where standard effectors are unsuitable.

The Saisun cobots are available from Simmatic in models with maximum payloads from 3 kg to 20 kg. The 3 kg and 5 kg models use an innovative seven-axis design that provides enhanced agility, allowing productivity to be maximised in challenging applications, while the larger models are six-axis units.

Simmatic said that all of the robots are exceptionally easy to program and use. They offer a choice of three programming methods, one of which is ‘traction teaching’ where the user simply moves the cobot arm by hand through the motion path needed. The cobot ‘learns’ the path and can repeat it as required. The path and other key parameters, such as the operation of end effectors, can be easily and quickly adjusted and fine-tuned with the aid of intuitive built-in software.

“We’re very excited about adding these impressive and versatile new products to our range,” said Dale Simmonds, Managing Director of Simmatic. “We’ve already had considerable experience of robotic handling solutions, but we really believe that, in most applications, the future is with cobots. They’re so much easier to integrate into production lines that have human workers and they’re so much more cost effective, as expensive guarding and other special safety precautions can be reduced when assessing your requirements under The Machinery Directive. They’re simply the right solution for today’s requirements.”

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