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Techmetics launches two new lines of autonomous robots in the US

  • By Neil Martin
  • News

Singapore-based Techmetics has launched two new lines of autonomous robots in the US.

The company told Robopro Magazine that with the Techi Butler and Techi Cart series, they hope to “..revolutionize service in the hospitality and healthcare industries.”

Using its proprietary technology, the Singapore-based said it has introduced the first-ever fleet of multi-point delivery robots with a multilevel fleet management system in the US.

The robots are programmed to navigate autonomously through multiple floors and ride the elevators, transforming the way people receive room service while efficiently assisting housekeeping departments and kitchen staff with bulk delivery needs.

The robots are divided into two main groups:

  • Techi Butlers deliver guests packages, food and beverage orders, linens and towels. They engage with users through a touch screen interface which allows them to speak in different languages as well as call or text users to their cell phones;
  • Techi Cart series consists of a food cart, linen cart and a high payload cart which autonomously pick up and drop off linens and food carts. Each cart model can facilitate back-of-house services from areas such as laundry rooms, kitchens and housekeeping departments. The Techi Carts can deliver between 220 pounds to 550 pounds depending on the model.
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