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Small Robot Company beats funding target on Crowdcube

The Small Robot Company

The Small Robot Company is raising money via the Crowdcube platform and is already, with 24 days left, over subscribed at 137%. The target funding was set at £500,000, but they have already raised £685,530 from 420 investors. The equity on offer is 14.63% and the pre-money valuation is £4m.

The company is seeking to transform farming with robots & artificial intelligence. Their three small robots (Tom, Dick, and Harry) are being developed to reduce farming’s impact on the environment and increase farm outputs globally. Over 20 farms have signed up, including Waitrose and the National Trust.

The company recently won £565,000 from Innovate UK funding, one of the largest awards given in 2018, and has received £90k in pre-sales on our services. The precision farming market set to be worth $5bn by 2020.

The company is developing the concept of Farming as a Service. This is a farming system which will use lightweight robots and AI to create a truly Digital Farm.

The robots are Tom, Dick and Harry. Tom collects data autonomously. Dick will care for the crop, which we estimate could save up to 95% of chemicals. Harry will place seeds individually with minimal soil disturbance.

Wilma, the company’s operating system, gives them a digital view of the field. This enables the robots to only treat the individual plants that need it.

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