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RoboPro Friday news round-up: from suicide robots, to a Jeeves, or Alfred

RoboPro Friday news round-up: from suicide robots, to a Jeeves, or Alfred

Every Friday we give you a snap shot of the week’s machine vision news; some we’re covered, some we’re about to cover and some we just don’t want you to miss.

Another great video to start the week and maybe the quote of the month, which came from Director of EPFL’s Reconfigurable Robotics Lab Jamie Pak who said: “You should not cry over lost robots or a broken one on the way.”

And how big was the temptation to name this butler robot, Jeeves, or Alfred? Instead they named it Relay, which I suppose might work in all world markets, but misses the chance for some cheap laughs.

But perhaps the best story of the week was about the robot who ‘committed suicide’ in the US. If you missed it, read it again, it’s worth it.

Don’t miss a great feature from Geralyn Miller of Teledyne DALSA on how complex automation challenges are being met through the marriage of robotics and advanced machine vision.

From elsewhere, the Hand Free Hectare project appears to be going strong, with their crop looking in fine health:

We also saw that Pittsburgh mobile robotics company Aethon was acquired by global firm ST Engineering. Officially, a price wasn’t given, but some reckon it was somewhere between $30m and $40m. Boss of Aethon Aldo Zini said: “This acquisition is a terrific event for our company, employees and our customers since it provides Aethon with the resources and corporate backing to grow and develop new innovative robotic technology and more aggressively pursue new markets. We will now be able to expand our development capabilities to enhance our current technology and bring exciting logistics solutions to new vertical and global markets.”

And how about this piece of kit – awesome:

And don’t forget to check out our sister site MVPro Magazine. So that’s it for now, have a great weekend and see you soon.