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UK employees want robots to take over certain jobs

  • By Neil Martin
  • News

The automatica Trend Index has revealed that UK employees want robots to take over the unhealthy (83%), hazardous (77%) or monotonous (72%) jobs.

The results come from a market research institute on behalf of automatica, one the world’s leading trade fair for robotics and automation, which interviewed 1000 employees and asked them about the workplace of the future.

The majority of workers in the UK not only want robots to take over the difficult work. About 70% think that robots give people the chance to learn more qualified work and create more opportunities for education and training. Asked about the level of maturity, 40% of working people report, that training for the digital world has already been successfully established by their employer. But only 6% think such initiatives have reached a level of excellence.

The backdrop to the report is that industrial robot installations in the UK increased for the third year in a row to around 2,300 units according to the IFR World Robotics Report 2018). This is an increase of 31% over 2016–2017.

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