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Industry shock as self-driving cars attacked in California

self-driving cars


In what appear to be unprovoked attacks, self-driving cars in California have been damaged by humans.

The mainstream media picked up the stories of two attacks which have shocked the industry.

The first involved a car operated by the General Motors Cruise driverless car division. The automated Chevrolet was stopped at a pedestrian crossing when a man ran across the street and struck the car with his body. His motivation for the attack was not explained. Although he was not injured, the car was significantly damaged.

The car also had a driver, although it was in self-driving mode, as this is the law in California. This law changes next month when certain automated cars will be allowed on public roads without a driver.

The second incident involved a self-driving car, a Cruise AV, which stopped behind a taxi. The driver of the taxi apparently left his vehicle and slapped the automated car on the passenger window, causing a scratch. Once again, the motivation for the attack was not made clear.

The question for the industry is whether these attacks are going to remain bizarre and rare, or become more frequent.