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RARUK showcase automation solutions at PPMA

  • By Spencer Freitas
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RARUK automation solution

RARUK Automation will showcase three systems at PPMA including e-series models

From entry-level products through to complete turnkey solutions, the RARUK Automation product programme enables the company to partner with OEMs, systems integrators and manufacturers to provide innovative, application-specific automated solutions.

All the RARUK Automation products have unique performance qualities, can be flexibly combined to achieve the best solution for the task and enhanced to meet changing production needs.  They have been chosen by the company for their simplicity to integrate, programme and operate, ensuring a rapid return on investment.

RARUK Automation will be showcasing three systems based on Universal Robots, including models from the new e-series at this year’s PPMA at the NEC, Birmingham, October 1-3 (Stand E20).  These latest generation machines enable faster development for a wider variety of applications, even easier programming and compliance with CAT3 PLd.

The first of the systems will combine a URCB5 cobot with a Robotiq 2-finger gripper and wrist camera to identify and sort coloured bearings and a Robotiq force sensor to stack them in their colour sets. (See the video of it operation).

PPMA visitors will also see box palletizing made easy and mobile with a new introduction from RARUK Automation, the EasyPalletizer platform. It will be equipped with the UR10e robot arm fitted Robotiq air-pick vacuum grippers.

The third of the RARUK Automation UR-based demonstrations features the Pick-It M-HD high definition 3D camera with Robotiq hand-e gripper – optimised for operation with UR e-series robots – and the Robotiq Force Co-Pilot, intuitive software development for applications that need force torque feedback.

Parts of different shapes, materials and sizes frequently need to be ordered, placed, picked and mostly fed into a machine or a process but traditionally this task has been very hard to automate. This RARUK Automation demonstration at PPMA shows a simple solution (see video).

The Toshiba Machine range of 6-axis and SCARA robots from RARUK Automation will be represented at PPMA by the THL700, a mid-sized model with a 700mm reach, 10kg payload and a cycle time of 0.5 seconds when operated with a 2kg load.

This popular machine is one of a family of nine low-energy SCARA robots with arm lengths ranging from 300mm to 1200mm.  At the show it will be demonstrated with the FlexiBowl vibratory feeding system, the ideal combination for automotive, electronics and industrial parts and components.

And completing the exhibits will be the IEF Werner aiPRESS servo press for precision joining and forming.  The machine is used in assembly applications in the electronics, medical device, automotive and aerospace industries where precise positioning and force measurement verification is required, often with data logging for quality assurance and traceability.

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