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A New Age Brought To You By RoboPro

We stand on the brink of a new age, where automation will change the very fabric of society.

And robots will be at the fore of this revolution, combining machine vision and artificial intelligence to create machines that will change how every human being lives, works and plays.

Which is why the team behind the highly successful media platform MVPro has launching a new B2B platform called RoboPro. It will have the same high standards as MVPro and will provide hugely valuable insight into a sector which is developing on a daily basis.

And as with MVPro, the new platform will consist of a print magazine, website, social media presence and email outreach programme which targets our unique industry global database.

The robotics sector is firmly in the sights of global investors; institutions and individuals alike are waking up to the opportunities that exist at every level, from small start-ups to multi-billion dollar operations.

As well as our three main areas of focus – precision robots, collaborative robots and next generation automation – RoboPro will examine the investment scene surrounding the industry. Investors are on the hunt for global growth situations that span robotics and automation applications. And these range across all the key industrial areas, from technology, manufacturing, transportation, defence and healthcare. And although the robotics sector is changing on an almost daily basis, we should remember that it is still at an early age.

RoboPro intends to be there every step of the way, providing news, commentary, insight, features and authorative papers.

The same team that brought you MVPro – Publisher Alex Sullivan, Business Development Manager Cally Bennett and Editor Neil Martin – are set to emulate the success of MVPro and be at the forefront of all the developments and changes.

Welcome to RoboPro, the place where you’ll read about the future of robotics.

And please take a look at our media kit:

RoboPro Media Kit


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Operations Executive: Helen Russell

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