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Academy of Robots hoping to raise 300k on crowdfunding platform

The Academy of Robots

The Academy of Robots, created by a Dragon’s Den veteran William Sachiti, is developing an Artificial Intelligence controlled driverless delivery vehicle designed to deliver multiple packages to multiple addresses in residential areas.

It’s hoping to raise £300,000 on the Crowdcude platform, in exchange for 15.38% of the equity. So far, at the time of writing and with 22 days of the fund raising left, £42,060 has been pledged. The company’s pre-money valuation is £1.6m.

The Kar-Go is targeted at the $78bn last-mile delivery market and the team, led by Sachiti (founder and CEO), has been accepted onto Nvidia’s Inception AI Accelerator programme. This will allow Kar-Go to leverage its GPU and AI resources for driverless cars (the same driverless technology as Tesla, Mercedes and Audi).

The company is currently finalising their first full-size prototype for testing, working alongside Pilgrim, a UK car manufacturer. It is said to be in discussions with several of Europe’s largest FMCG brands to secure the last-mile delivery market, removing the need for humans, and allowing customers to receive deliveries at almost any time, and at a fraction of the traditional cost.

The aim is to develop two street-legal delivery vehicles to test on the road with retailers by the end of 2017. The company plans to raise a Series-A investment round in 2018 for a larger roll-out and paid trials

AI is being used to navigate the vehicle, as well as manage the entire delivery.